About mattresses

About mattresses and their correct choice

Wake up in the morning refreshed, full of physical and mental energy. For that, you need a good mattress. Here are some quick tips on how to choose the best mattress for you from our range.

The mattress, like other things, needs to be changed:

  1. Due to limited service life.

Over time, it may no longer fulfil the desired functions, the mattress will become worn out or lose its original


  1. Hygienically.


If you were satisfied with your mattress, make sure you choose a mattress of a similar type. If you weren’t happy with your old mattress, choose a different type.

Any mattress may eventually become uncomfortable due to changes in your sleeping position or other changes.

What to focus on

When choosing a mattress, focus on its firmness and whether you prefer a foam or spring/pocket type. There is a huge difference. For example, you’ll find spring mattresses in accommodations tend to be noticeably more rocking.


The combination of the mattress and the right grate is important. Foam mattresses are compatible with flexible slatted grates and spring mattresses are compatible with firm slatted grates. Whether you have an old bed or are buying a new one, always think about what type of mattress you want and replace the grate rather than the mattress. This is the most common mistake.


The firmness of the mattress is one of the most important criteria for making the right choice. What materials the mattress is made of is secondary. This means that the most expensive mattress is no guarantee of a good night’s sleep. If you sleep on your back or stomach most of the night, a firmer mattress is preferable and, conversely, a softer mattress is better for side sleepers. Children need a firmer mattress with a medium firmness for healthy growth, and softer and more resilient mattresses are more suitable for older age groups. A common problem with health problems such as cervical spine problems is the wrong choice of pillow and especially its depth. Therefore, bear in mind that not everything depends on the type of mattress. Our mattresses

are divided according to five firmness levels. From the softest (grade 1) to the firmest (grade 5). We design and manufacture mattresses with different firmnesses on each side, so that over time you can rotate your mattress to a different firmness if necessary.


More often than not, it is recommended to choose two single mattresses instead of one large one because of the weight difference of the people lying on the bed, the discomfort of the other or if one of the partners has a restless sleep. A large, good quality mattress is also quite heavy, so turning it over can be a problem. The disadvantage of choosing two mattresses is the gap between them, but having them properly sized and sharing a sheet eliminates this handicap to a minimum.


Mattresses also need to be properly cared for. Make sure you turn the mattress at least once every 3 months. Avoid sitting on the mattress for long periods of time, which puts a lot of strain on a small area and can weaken the mattress. Our mattresses have an unzippable cover and are easy to wash. We also recommend using a protector to protect the mattress from dirt, keep it dry and ensure its longevity.


Last but not least, focus on the composition of the mattress, because it is the higher quality materials that will prolong its proper functionality. Mattress prices are rising in direct proportion to the wide range of materials used, which change the orthopaedic properties of mattresses along with their overall construction. It is important to say that we place great emphasis on the quality of the materials used in the production of mattresses, and therefore we work exclusively with European reputable suppliers. When choosing the right mattress in terms of material composition, the graphic display of the materials used, together with the necessary specifications, which you will find next to the description of each mattress, will help you to choose the right mattress.


We produce mattresses in all standardized and atypical dimensions. The prices are valid for mattresses of all sizes up to 200 x 90 cm. Any larger dimensions are at an additional charge of 10% for every 10 cm of width or length of the mattress. Double prices apply for dimensions

with a width of 140 – 180 cm and a length of up to 200 cm. Other larger sizes are available at an extra cost of 10% per 10 cm.

Use our sleep compass to guide you on the right path when choosing the right mattress.

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